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Top Ten in Pueblo Creative Corridor

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Top Ten in Pueblo Creative Corridor
  1. You get to go on a ghost walk while still alive.
  2. There’s no need to go to Venice to see a gondolier.
  3. You can see the ballet, western art, eat green chilies and drink solar roasted coffee all in one day!
  4. You can take a fairy tale carriage ride in a horse drawn pumpkin cart.
  5. You can visit the longest levee art mural in the world – not even Christo can match.
  6. People do sing and dance in the streets.
  7. You can remove “eating basil ice cream” from your Bucket List.
  8. You can find out what Grupo Folklorico, El Mercado, Dia de los Muertos mean.
  9. You can meet talented artists and see their works before they die and become famous.
  10. Because what happens in Pueblo doesn’t have to stay in Pueblo – Share Pueblo!